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Jimmy Buckley's New Album now available23-Apr-2014

The Essential Collection from Jimmy Buckley is now available for delivery direct to your door from S..

Brand New Joe Moore Album now available from Sharpe Music22-Apr-2014

The Fantastic New album from Joe Moore 'The Scania Man' is now available from Sharpe Music. Be ..

Brand New double CD from Philomena Begley and Ray Lynam21-Apr-2014

This brand new double CD is now available at Sharpe Music. Click HERE (http://www.sharpemusicir..

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Jim Devine
Devine Country
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Nathan Carter
The Wagon Wheel Show Live CD
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Derek Ryan
The Entertainer DVD
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Derek Ryan                        The Entertainer CD Live  
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Michael English                        
Country Roots            Buy  CD £12.00


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Big Tom                          The Ultimate collection   Buy CD £14.00


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